2016 - The Enchanted Meadows    
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The Enchanted Meadows began as a family project for our daughter’s wedding. It took us a full year by recruiting family and friends, and a whole lot of hard work before the meadow took form. We are still amazed at what the meadow was, to what it is now. Our daughter’s wedding became the jump off point for inviting our guests and future brides to share with us, this amazing outdoor wedding venue, that we have created.

We work together with our daughter and son-in-law, along with occasional help with my sister and two loving neighbors. Though we don't take up all of our 40 acres, a good portion of it is designed into the wedding venue with the large fanned out lawn. campsites and the reception barn.

​​We also have the  3 bedroom cabin that is rented year round and can be added to the package for the weddings. 

Alan runs all of the equipment and does the maintenance, along with the care of the grounds, and campsites.

My work is making sure the brides and their family have everything they need. I do the PR work, do the scheduling, run the website, and care for the cabin. I hope I'm doing ok. 

We are continually updating our services and when one project is finished, we start right in on another. Though we have not completed all our dreams, we are working diligently all the time to give people a place that they will remember forever.

If you would like to facebook me at The Enchanted Meadows, you can view some of the start-up projects.
We strive to build a place that not only we enjoy, but for others to come and enjoy as well.

Give us a call or drop me a note. We are a family oriented facility and we truly want to share it with you.

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